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I used to ride my bicycle.
A lot.
Much more than I do now. And in different ways than Iím likely to do these days.

Sadly, those days are gone, but I have good memories, not so good scars, and a few pretty cool pictures left from the good times I had on my bike.

The pic on the left was in my momís backyard in about Ď91. The one on the right was in the parking lot of The Car Buff, in about Ď95 or so. This was before there were X-Games and Dave Mirra Super Action Figures. 
People just figured I was an idiot.  Hmmm..

Iíll be adding more to this page, but these will have to hold ya over for a while...

Go Mag 1a

Go Magazine (formerly Freestyliní) in October Ď90.
This photo was snapped by Spike Jonze, who went on to direct a lot of music videos and movies that youíve probably seen.

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